I have participated in several of Pam Houghteling’s Facilitating the Earth calls and left each time feeling as if I had been given a gift.  I felt energized and light and able to look at myself, others and the earth in a new, “uncluttered” way that removed any sense of the trauma of trying to “save us all”.  I was reminded to be in allowance, with no judgment, even of the earth—especially of the earth!
I am grateful to Pam for her efforts in holding these classes and also to those who attend and make it into the energetic experience it is.

- D.L.

Thank you so much for doing these calls to facilitate the Earth. It was wonderful to be gathered with others who have this desire and to be given tools to nourish the Earth! It allows me to feel my contribution in a way that I haven't before this!

- J.D.

When people from all over the globe join together to contribute their energy, the results go way beyond what each of us do on an individual basis. Pam starts the class by facilitating everyone in clearing their set points of view about what the earth “needs” us to contribute. This allows the group to be aware of what the earth actually requires in the moment. Then, from all around the world, the participants are led in gifting their energy to the planet. The power and potency of this is phenomenal!"

- M.B.

I was just listening "Facilitating the Earth" August teleclass and it was so great. Thank you! I broaden my awareness (again) how to be more conscious in every moment. Some moments it's so easy to be present and ask questions, but then something bigger comes up and suddenly all questions are gone and all judgments come up. Listening today your teleclass, I just realized, that I could give myself much more ease just asking: Who does it belong? How does it get any better?

- P.K.


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