Do you know the earth has your back? If you could access the energy, awareness, and possibilities the earth is contributing to you, what change could you create?

Are you ready to play with the earth and create a totally different reality?

Monthly Telecalls

Join each month as we facilitate change for the planet and ourselves in these monthly telecalls. Participants from around the world gather to run energy processes for the earth, clear points of view that limit what’s possible, and ask questions to facilitate change on the planet.

For more details and to register for the next monthly telecall, CLICK HERE and see the list of Pam's upcoming Access Consciousness® classes.


6-Week Facilitating the Earth Intensive

If you have experienced the monthly Facilitating the Earth Teleclasses, you know the Access Consciousness® processes give us a very different way of being with the earth. In the 6-Week Facilitating the Earth Intensive we have multiple classes with one group to go places we haven’t gone before with Facilitating the Earth.

To read about or purchase the most recent 6-Week Facilitating the Earth Intensive, look in the SHOP.


Free 1 Hour Class

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Private Sessions

Contact Pam to enquire about private sessions.

Private Sessions with Pam Houghteling :: Facilitating The Earth

Clearing Statement

What is the Access Clearing Statement®? Visit to learn more.


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