What if you being you is exactly what the earth requires right now? Would you like to learn tools you can use to facilitate the earth anytime, anywhere?

Join Access Consciousness® facilitator Pam Houghteling on an adventure in being with the earth.

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A six-part downloadable MP3 audio class giving you the tools that allow you to be the energy, space, and consciousness the earth is asking you to be -

  •   What is facilitating the earth? 
  •   How does the earth communicate with you?
  •   What do your aches and pains have to do with the planet?
  •   Learn tools to create greater ease in your body
  •   Are anger, rage, fury, hate and judgement toxic to the planet?
  •   Clearing points of view and judgements about the earth
  •   Being the contribution to the earth you truly be
  •   How questions can create the change you’ve been looking for
  •   What else is possible for you, your body, and the planet?

Plus you’ll receive a bonus MP3 recording teaching you step by step to work with the energy processes Molecular Demanifestation and Demolecular Manifestation.

Audio Class Price: $259

What energy can you be that would allow what’s happening on the earth, and with the earth, to change?

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"These amazing calls with Pam allowed me to see how I hold pain in my body instead of contributing and receiving from the earth. Once I was able to release and receive, the pain I was having went away. I also noticed that when I was in a bad mood and I used the process Pam gave me during the call I was able to change my mood right away. I enjoyed these calls tremendously and it was nice to be able to work with the earth and my body on a continuous process during the weeks."  -L.L.

Private Sessions

Contact Pam to enquire about private sessions.

Private Sessions with Pam Houghteling :: Facilitating The Earth


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