Pam Houghteling Facilitating The EarthCertified Access Consciousness® Facilitator Pam Houghteling’s target is to create more consciousness on the planet.

Growing up Pam never fit in. She knew more was possible than what she saw people choosing. Embracing different healing modalities and spiritual traditions, Pam searched for the change she knew could be, but wasn’t seeing in the world.

For 13 years Pam worked as a Clinical Social Worker and Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner, but knew the difference being created wasn’t enough.

In 2008, Pam was introduced to Access Consciousness®, where she found the tools to create what she’d always known was possible - true change and a different reality than the one she was born into.

Using the Access tools, Pam began facilitating monthly tele calls for the earth, where people from around the world gather to run energy processes for the planet, clear points of view that limit what’s possible, and ask questions to facilitate change on the earth.

Pam facilitates Access Consciousness® classes, is worldwide coordinator for Leaders Creating A Conscious World, and is best known for her Facilitating the Earth workshops and classes.

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Private Sessions

Contact Pam to enquire about private sessions.

Private Sessions with Pam Houghteling :: Facilitating The Earth


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